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Type II Diabetes Management

Drs. Berg and Minigutti strongly believe with our medical knowledge and medicines available to us today, no one with diabetes should go blind, have skin infections, nerve damage or kidney failure. We also believe it is very weight dependent and for many people, arriving at a proper weight with the correct diet can place your diabetes in remission. Indeed just 20 pounds of weight loss can result in less medication, improved glucose control, lower blood pressure and more energy. In addition to the A1C and glucose levels, we measure insulin levels, adiponectin levels and insulin resistance, and you will see how each improves with time and proper treatment.

We strongly believe the initial choice of treatment for diabetes should NOT result in an increase in body weight; therefore we focus on proven treatments that lower weight in the process. If you are on insulin for Type II or Adult Onset diabetes and want to see if you can get off insulin, we will work with you. If you are on a sulfonylurea like Glipizide or glyburide and cannot lose weight, we will help you. If your current treatment is not working and you want to try something bold and new and safe, we will try with you. If your diabetes treatment needs a fresh start and a new hopeful outlook that may end with no medications and an improved waist size, come and see us.

We like medicines that do not cause weight gain:

  • Metformin
  • Victoza
  • Trulicity
  • Tanzeum
  • Bydurion
  • Byetta
  • Farxiga
  • Jardiance
  • Invokana

And those that are weight neutral:

  • Januvia
  • Tradjenta
  • Nesina
  • Onglyza
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