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Health Coach

health coach frisco tx

Laurie Muscutt, CHC, AIPC

Laurie has always been interested in understanding the impact of food and exercise on the quality of life. Through her studies and becoming a Certified Health Coach, she understands the importance of individualized nutrition and enjoys helping others incorporate healthy eating and exercise into their everyday life.  In addition, she understands that health encompasses all areas of life and takes a holistic approach to weight loss.

In addition to the lifestyle food choices listed on the website, these services are also offered:

  • Cornerstone Wellness Program for weight loss
  • Healthy Transformation Program for weight loss
  • Individualized Weight Management
  • Autoimmune Protocol Coaching
mediterranean and keto classes

Mediterranean & Keto Classes

Learn how to eat and live a balanced lifestyle.

Mediterranean Class
Tuesday, May 18

Keto Class
Tuesday, May 25

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